Practical Furnace Repair Tips

All homeowners should be aware of these furnace repair tips.


The perfect time to schedule a much-needed furnace repair and maintenance as well as to address other heating related problems is during summer. And that is perhaps the best furnace repair tip you can get and share with everyone. The primary reason is that furnace technicians are more accessible this time of the year, and you no longer have to wait for long because not many people require their services. Also, it’s cheaper too since they often offer discounts since it is an off-peak season. And most of all, doing preventive furnace maintenance is definitely way better than having to do furnace repairs in the midst of winter.


During summer, contractors are more than willing to do furnace repair and maintenance since business is slow. With proper and regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your furnace for several more years.


Important Furnace Repair Tips

It is dangerous to have a furnace that doesn’t work at its best. The natural byproduct of partial combustion, and a truly deadly gas at that is carbon monoxide. Almost all gas furnaces produce carbon monoxide. They are often delivered to your furnace’s venting so as not to put your health at risk. If you have an efficient gas furnace, carbon monoxide should be the least of your worries. But if your furnace often breaks down and experience many other furnace issues from time to time, it is likely that it generates this colorless, odorless and deadly carbon monoxide without you knowing, leaving you and your family confused, disoriented, and even die from it.


The experts suggest having your furnace inspected and cleaned every year. As your furnace gets older, it is more crucial not to miss on these routine checks and cleaning. Most new furnaces out in the market have built-in features allowing the furnace to shut off once a problem is detected. You don’t have that among older furnace models. Over time, they can develop into small cracks in your furnace’s combustion chamber. You may not see it right away, but these minute cracks can leak carbon monoxide inside your homes.


Changing furnace filters regularly is likewise vital. You can often find the furnace filter inside the front panel. At times, it may have a separate access door. You can achieve an efficiently working furnace by having clean filters that will trap dirt and dust from circulating in the house. Ordinary homeowners can change filters on their own, but if you’re not confident enough, you can always call an expert for help.


The following furnace repair tips can help your furnace work efficiently for a long time and minimize unexpected furnace problems that will call for a costly repair:

• Make sure the area around the furnace remains clear and clean all the time.

• Keep a clean burner area.

• Hire an expert to oil all of the furnace’s moving parts yearly.

• Don’t put anything combustible anywhere within six inches of the vent pipe.

• Refrain from putting anything that can block 20% of your home’s registers. It can lead to high resistance and unnecessary heat buildup in a furnace.

• Never store combustible items like gasoline, paint thinner, etc. near the furnace.


A furnace is a major home investment. You spend lots of money in acquiring one, and in having it installed because you value your family’s safety, comfort and convenience once the outside temperature starts to plummet. Make sure to maintain it regularly to maximize its lifespan and avoid costly furnace problems that could’ve been avoided if you just practice routine inspection and maintenance. Hire a licensed, certified, and fully-bonded and insured cooling contractor to do the job for you. Observe the furnace repair tips mentioned above and you’re all set for the next heating season. Here's how to make furnace emergencies bearable

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